Jesse’s Track Record

Jesse seated at a Borough Council meeting and speaking into a microphone.
Image credit: Penn State News

Key Initiatives from First Term

  • Passed Ready-for-100 Resolution on greenhouse gases and renewable energy
  • Contributed to Borough resolution on immigration;
  • Supported the municipal and police policy of not keeping immigration status information on people who interact with police and municipal government;
  • Presented Citizen Climate Lobby resolution advocating for a carbon-fee dividend as a method for controlling greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Advocated for Borough contribution to Clearwater Conservancy’s Slab Cabin Run initiative purchase of the Meyer-Everhardt farms;
  • Advocated for ordinance to end LGBTQ conversion therapy in State College Borough; and
  • Advocated for a resolution against H.B. 2564 that would restrict State College’s ability to regulate small cell wireless networks.

Key Votes from First Term

  • Worked for and voted for compromise ordinance to deal with parking issues in the Highlands neighborhood;
  • Voted for Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB);
  • Voted to restrict building heights near the center of downtown; and
  • Voted to establish LGBTQ Advisory Board for State College Borough.

Committee Service

  • Served on the board of State College Community Land Trust 2014-2016;
  • Member of Council of Governments Public Services and Environment Committee;
  • Member of National League of Cities Information Technology and Communications Committee; and
  • Served as alternate for Martin Luther King, Jr. Plaza Committee.