Regional Cooperation

Jesse with Centre County Commissioners Mike Pipe and Mark Higgins, standing next to each other in a restaurant on election night 2015.
Jesse with Centre County Commissioners Mike Pipe and Mark Higgins.

Five area townships, Ferguson, College, Patton, Harris and Halfmoon share services and interests with the Borough. The State College Police are also the police for College and Harris Townships. State College Borough and all five of these townships share services through the Centre Region Council of Governments (CoG). The relationships developed through CoG are important to State College.

Our important interests with CoG include:

  • Promoting Centre Region development that respects our water resources and resists sprawl;
  • Continuing enthusiastic support for libraries, fire protection, and the CATA bus system; and
  • Working with other municipalities on planning and resource management.

Centre County Government is also important to State College Borough for their role in law enforcement, the courts, helping maintain area infrastructure, and helping to finance local projects.